Why I charge for reviews

You may have noticed that many resume writers or resume services offer free reviews, and may be wondering why I charge for reviews. The reason I charge a small upfront fee is because I will be providing you something of value — I don’t just scan your resume quickly and give you general or boilerplate recommendations. I also don’t just tell you your resume is in bad shape just to get your business.

Instead, for that very low price, you get something of considerable value in return: the benefit of my personalized attention and my expertise in the form of specific, useful feedback and recommendations. I will tell you what is working well with your resume, and tell you what could be improved to get better results. You can then use the results of the review to revise or re-write your resume yourself, or if you prefer to get professional help from me or someone else, you are welcome to do that too. Your choice. No pressure.

The Resume Review service is a standalone service and there is no obligation for you to purchase resume writing services. You pay the fee and you get a resume review, no strings attached.

How to get a review for “free”

If you purchase my resume writing services within 10 days of me sending you the results of my review, I will apply the fee you paid for the review as a credit toward the quoted cost of resume writing services, thereby making the review part of the process “FREE”!

NOTE: This offer does not apply to any requests for resume writing once 10 days has elapsed following email delivery of the resume review. This offer may be changed or discontinued at any time without notice.

Questions about this offer? Email me at joyce@jamresumes.com.

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