Maybe it’s been awhile since you’ve overhauled your resume, or maybe you revised it recently—but in either case, if you’re not getting called for interviews…

It’s time to take a close look and make sure that your resume is optimized for success in today’s job search world.

A resume that has the best chance of success today looks very different than a resume written even just a few years ago.

That’s because these days…

It’s often computers, not people, scanning resumes for keywords to narrow down the applicant field before a human even looks at resumes.

And, when hiring managers finally do start looking at resumes, they’re spending less than 10 seconds determining whether or not to interview you.

Also, competition is fierce! Many corporate job openings attract more than 100 resumes! When you consider that most hiring managers only end up interviewing a small handful of people from that huge pile, those odds are pretty disheartening.

And, although age discrimination or ageism in hiring is unfair (and illegal), it is unfortunately still a job search reality for job seekers over age 40. Including even one older date for a position or a degree, or simply the way something is phrased could call attention to your age — and be all it takes to put your resume out of the running.

Given all of the above, it’s no surprise why you’re not having any luck and why you’re feeling so overwhelmed and discouraged!

And it’s why it’s so important to get professional resume writing help.

How to beat the odds

To have the best chance at winning at the job search game, you have to have a powerful, effective resume that emphasizes your relevant experience, accomplishments, and contributions and de-emphasizes your age — a resume that shows a hiring manager in less than 10 seconds why you’re the best person for the job.

And as a professional resume writer, I’m here to help you make sure your resume is exactly that.

I offer personalized resume reviews for when you need some expert feedback and suggestions for how to improve your resume, and professional resume writing services for when you know you need to rewrite your resume but don’t want to go it alone.


Resume Reviews:

I review your current resume using a comprehensive checklist and provide you with a detailed assessment of your resume’s format and content. When the review is complete, you will receive specific recommendations for revisions and updates you can make to turn your resume a powerful marketing tool that will maximize your chances of getting called for an interview.

Cost: $35*

*To learn more about why I charge for reviews and how to get a REVIEW FOR “FREE”, click HERE.

For more information about Resume Review services, including how to request a review, click the button below.

Resume Writing:

Resume writing services are for you if, after your resume review, you decide you need and want some professional help improving your resume. The goal of this service is to turn your outdated or ineffective resume into a clear, concise, keyword-rich marketing tool that focuses on your value and shows employers exactly why you would be the best person for the job.

Cost: Fees are determined based on the scope and/or complexity of each project but typically range from $200 to $500. An exact price quote will be provided at the completion of the review process.

For more information about Resume Writing services, click the button below.

Add-on services:

Once your new resume is complete, you can add on the following services:

  • Cover letter

For more information about Add-on services and rates, click the button below.

How my services differ from others

I know there are a lot of places you can go for resume writing, some for lower prices. Here are a few things about my services that I’m proud of that set me apart from many companies who review and write resumes.  

  • I understand and have a soft spot for frustrated job seekers. I have empathy because I’ve been there myself. I do this work because I have a passion for helping people get better results in their lives.
  • I limit my workload to only a few projects at a time so I can give your resume the time attention it deserves (and allows for faster turnaround times).
  • I am responsive. It’s important to me that we are partners in this process. So throughout the process, I keep the lines of communication open via email. Anytime I need more information, I will ask you; anytime you have questions, you can ask me and I will respond quickly.
  • My resume reviews are individualized and targeted. To be successful, resumes must be targeted to a specific position, so I always review your resume with your most desired position/job title in mind.
  • Unlike some national career services chains, I won’t just tell you that your resume is a mess and needs to be fixed just so you’ll hire me. I don’t do reviews just for the sake of talking you into buying resume writing; I’m here to help you make sure you have an effective resume so you can have the best chance possible of getting interviews. Each review is an honest, objective evaluation—I point out the good as well as the areas needing improvement. And I provide specific suggestions for how to improve your resume so you can do it on your own if you choose.
  • My pricing for resume writing is based on the complexity and scope of each project, which I don’t know until I review your resume. That’s why I include an individualized price quote upon completion of every review. If your resume is in pretty good shape but just needs a little help to make it great, you’ll pay less than if your resume needs a lot of work, regardless of the level of the position you are interested in.
  • I’m personable and approachable. Due to my unique background as a coach and counselor, I have strong communication and people skills and a knack for being able to strategize, problem solve, and “see the forest for the trees”. I do all the pre-work/intake via phone with you, instead of just sending you questionnaires to fill out. This allows me to get to know you better and helps me more efficiently gather the information I need to craft a powerful resume. It also gives you an opportunity to ask me questions.

I would be honored to help you make sure your resume is the powerful marketing tool it needs to be to result in interviews and achieve your career goals. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

If you have any questions about any of my services, please reach out to I look forward to hearing from you!

Remember, the first step is to request a Resume Review. For more information and instructions for how to request a review, click HERE.

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